There’s a well-known saying “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.” Now, while this is all well and good, there is still room for improvement. To have that great journey, you need to prepare. And prepare well. You don’t want to remember mid-flight that you forgot to check if there is even a 24-hour car rental service at your destination. Or that you won’t have Wi-Fi to send that very important email to your boss. A company such as rental24h car rental would come in handy here. Here’s a list of six things you need to remember to prepare for your trip.

1. The Pet (And House) Sitter

Before you even start to think about other things like packing your toothbrush, you need to find a decent and reliable house and/or pet sitter. If you don’t have pets and you feel comfortable just locking up your house and going on your trip, you won’t need to worry too much about this step (just DO remember to lock the front door and switch on the alarm though). If you do have pets or would merely like to have someone present in the house, you will need to organize a house and pet sitter. Ask around in your friend and family group if they know of anyone available, otherwise, there are some websites available that offer sitters. Be sure to check their authenticity though!

2. The Car Rental

If your trip is to somewhere locally, pre-booking your car rental wouldn’t all that necessary. You can do a bit of research on the affordability of rental services available and have a look at their reviews, but usually, there shouldn’t be a problem. The problem can occur if you’re flying to an international location. Driving rules and regulations differ from country to country and it is best that you contact the service before your trip to ensure that you will be allowed to drive in that country. Do research on what you need to do to get your International Drivers License so that you won’t drive illegally. Also, if you’re going to have to rent a car for longer than a day, be sure that you book a car after checking Firefly rental car reviews Denver and not only a short-term one.

3. The Hotel and Amenities

When you take that long overdue family holiday, it is important that you book a hotel that is family friendly. You don’t want to book a grand hotel for the cost of an arm and a leg, only to find out that it only offers Samba dancing and a spa as an entertainment, and you have two little ones. Talk about an awkward family trip. Have a look at the activities that the hotel offers and how many of them are child-friendly. Remember: a happy child means a (slightly more) peaceful life.

4. Your Travel Documents

Do not forget your travel documents as they would most definitely not allow you into the foreign country if you forgot them. Put all of your travel documents together in one plastic folder and place it in your hand luggage bag a week before the trip.

5. Pack Your Basic Luggage in Advance

Remember to pack the following items in addition to your clothes and toiletries:
• Laptops, phones, and their chargers
• Electric adapters and converters
• Travel documents (as mentioned in the previous step)
• Walking shoes (only pack one pair of fancy dress shoes or hills if you know you will need ones)
• Chronic medication and allergy medication
• Wallet
• License
• ID Documents

6. Trip Itinerary

This is mentioned last, even though with all the excitement pumping through your veins about your upcoming trip, you might want to already do when you start planning your trip. Don’t over plan your trip. Only plan one to three fixed activities per day and have the rest of the time to explore on your own and actually relax. You don’t want a trip that is jam-packed with activities, only to feel like you need another holiday just to recover from the trip.

The Wrap-up

There are many things that you should remember when it comes to your family trip. Remember to plan for your 24-hour car rental service and to hire a pet and house sitter, and to ensure that everything else mentioned is in place. Other than that, remember that it is a holiday and treat it as such. Secure your services with rental24h car rental and enjoy your ride.